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Kokoro Dance Classes – Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi

jaybarbMarch 5-9, 12-16, 19-20, 22-23 

Barbara: Mon,Wed,Fri: 10-11:30am 

Jay: Tue,Thur: 10am-12pm

at KW Studios (Woodwards Building 111 West Hastings).

These classes for intermediate-advanced students are free.

Our classes build strength, flexibility, and stamina, as well as developing technical and performance skills. The difference between the two types of classes reflects the different approaches to the same end taken by Barbara and Jay. Barbara’s classes focus on technical training and have a consistent structure from warm-up to movement in space. Jay’s classes are more eclectically varied and include more time for improvisational exploration. The two approaches complement each other and dancers are recommended to take both. Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi are the Co-producers of the VIDF and the Codirectors of Kokoro Dance. Their teaching is strongly influenced by butoh studies over the last 31 years.

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Cost: Free

Master Class – White Wave

5March 17th 10am – 12pm at KW Studios (Woodwards Building 111 West Hastings).

This class is for advanced students.

Master Class with Young Soon Kim

A pioneer of “Hallyu (한류): Korean Wave”, Young Soon Kim is an internationally acclaimed choreographer who is hailed for her exhilarating, visually stunning, and emotionally rich work. Formed in 1988, WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company strives to inspire audiences through multi-dimensional dance productions reflecting themes and philosophies that are both modern and timeless.

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Cost: $25.00

Master Class – Ferenc Feher

March 21st 0am – 12pm at KW Studios (Woodwards Building 111 West Hastings).


Ferenc Fehér is an experienced and successful dancer-choreographer.

His style is a unique and expressive combination of physical dance, freestyle dance and animal dance movements.
Ferenc’s dance is the result of constantly improving and perfecting his repertoire of unique moves, and he has been making and performing his own choreographies all over the world since 2007.
Genre: physical dance, animal dance movements, dance and movement theater, contemporary dance.

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Cost: $25.00

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