The mission of the Vancouver International Dance Festival Society is to support the art of culturally diverse* contemporary dance through:

  • Increasing public appreciation for culturally diverse contemporary dance through:
    • The presentation of high quality dance performances and workshops by outstanding culturally diverse dance artists that are:
      • Focused on the body as the instrument of communication
        Interested in kinetically exciting work
        Interested in advancing the art of contemporary dance through innovation, experimentation, rigor, and physical discipline
  • Increasing audiences for culturally diverse contemporary dance to:
    • Provide a sustaining body of patrons of dance who will underwrite dance presentations through buying tickets
    • Provide a critical response to the artists they are supporting through their attendance of dance presentations and workshops
  • Increasing public profile of culturally diverse dance practice through:
    • Effective marketing in print, television, radio, and through the Internet
  • Networking with other dance and arts presenters to provide more performance opportunities for culturally diverse contemporary dance artists
  • Commissioning of new culturally diverse contemporary dance works

*We define “culturally diverse” in an inclusive, not exclusive, way. We are interested in all expressions of contemporary dance including those from European and North American origins. We are, however, cognizant of the challenges facing artists that are marginalized because of societal and cultural biases including those that discriminate against artists from ethno-cultural and Aboriginal heritages, as well as artists with challenging perspectives on sexual identity and gender. Our programming reflects these concerns.

Box Office: 604.662.4966 Phone: 604.662.7441 contact [at] vidf.ca

250 – 111 West Hastings St, 2nd Floor - #224, Vancouver BC V6B 1H4